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Soundpanel by Cees Roelofs

  • Looking for passion and creativity?
    I'm your man. My name is Cees Roelofs, an experienced Dutch photographer
    with a broad perspective on professional pictures. As a digital pioneer I stood
    in the front line, already experimenting with atmosphere, style and detail.
    Without exaggeration, I can say the world is my stage.
    The art of living
    I have captured the serenity of the Asian continent and explored the mysteries
    of African tribes. I traveled to the Americas to really understand life's liberties
    and boundaries. In every picture there is a story. Sometimes hidden, sometimes
    obvious. But nevertheless, it's the power of story that makes my work rise above
    the average image. I consider myself as an imagineer, designing images with
    maximum impact and meaning, inviting you to become part of the scene.
    Truth is in the heart
    It's true that I have been honored with the Kodak European Gold Award, but
    more important is the warm feedback of all those people I have worked with.
    They constantly remind me of the reason why I started taking pictures a long
    time ago when I was a boy. I can still vividly remember the faces of my family
    and neighbors in the village I lived in. Proud or shy, wrinkled or shiny, they
    all expressed a sense of authenticity. A notion that still gets me going. It's that
    same realness that has been driving me since.
    Take a shot
    All pictures can be applied anywhere you like and delivered in every kind of
    size. Next week on the walls of your client? Or even better, hire me to boost
    your campaign or project with exciting pictures in accordance with your desired
    emotion and atmosphere.
    Come closer
    I invite you to have a look at my work. The photos on this website are only a selection
    of what I have been busy with over a long period of time. You will see my
    fascination with contrast: formal and natural, detail and overview, intimate and bold.
    If you get the picture, then I would be glad to get in touch with you. If you have
    any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by mail or phone.


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